The Effect Of Cannabis On Humans

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Cannabis is a plant that can be found in three different varieties: Cannabis indica, Cannabis ruderalis and Cannabis sativa. The flowering plant is used for many purposes, like seed oil for example, but its most famous use is that for medicinal purpose and as a drug.

How it looks

Cannabis is a flowering herb and it has leaves that are palmately compound and which have serrate leaflets, usually 7 or 9, never more than 13. The leaves of the plant have a venation pattern, which helps person to distinguish the plant easily by those that are not familiar with it. The serrations of leaves have central veins which go to the tip. In the picture bellow, you can see a cannabis leaf, in order to know how to recognize it.


Negative effects of cannabis use

Although the plant has a multitude of effects, the fact that it is prohibited says a lot about it. In most of the states it is not legal to grow or to consume it because of the negative effects that it has.

  • It can cause serious anxiety and even depression.
  • It has a negative impact on the driving skills of drivers.
  • The long-term use can cause damage to the brain.
  • Through cannabis cigarettes carcinogens enter the body.
  • The long term us leads to addiction and abuse.
  • In some people, cannabis can cause psychosis.
  • The use of this plant affects the personality of the one using it.
  • It can also cause schizophrenia.
  • Cannabis use leads to infertility.

Researchers say that there is actually no proof that all these negative effects appear because of cannabis use, but that it is possible that the plant has serious effects on those that are already sensitive and have a weak immune system.

Positive effects of cannabis use

Cannabis is also used in medicine. And because it may relief pain and actually help to cure some diseases, many people hope that it will be legal to use it freely at some point. Some doctors and researchers agree on this topic and they truly believe that cannabis would help a lot of patients get better. You can hear their opinion in the video bellow, where the discussed topic is the effects that this plant has on human health.

As you can see, opinions are shared. Apparently, cannabis is not such a treat for the health, but it remains to be seen if consuming it will become legal in the next few years or not.

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