A Unique Gift for the Hash Smoker

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One of the most intriguing gifts for a smoker of hashish is a great smoking pipe. Hash pipes are some of the most unique types of pipes because they are made in a way to optimize the strength of the hashish once it is inhaled. The usual pipes allow for the air to be drawn in and produce the usual smoke that is inhaled into the lungs to help deliver the chemicals in the hashish that help make the individual enjoy their smoke session. There are also other types of hash pipes that are designed to make the experience of smoking much safer by removing toxins while at the same time cooling the hot smoke that can cause a person to burn their lips, tongue, throat and lungs.

These special options are known as water pipes, or bongs which help to diffuse the smoke and cool down the stream of smoke before it hits your mouth and lungs. The water also helps to remove harmful toxins that are found in the smoke as well. There are several options available in water pipes and variants of them can be found in smaller personal sizes to large table top designs. They all make great gifts for the hashish smoker you may know and you know it is something that they will use. Pricing on high quality hash pipes could be high depending on the materials used and where it is purchased from. It is generally a good idea to order online to get the best pricing on a hash pipe!

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