Glass Hash Oil Pipe

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Many people have heard of a hashish pipe but do not know what the whole thing is all about. Misconceptions lead to the belief that it is something wholly illegal and should be avoided at all costs. In one sense, this belief is justified; the hashish oil is a thick, oil substance that is created by mixing marijuana in some form of alcohol – obviously, marijuana use is illegal in many western nations as a class b drug. However, this is not illegal to use; the marijuana, in dissolving it in alcohol, loses much of its potency and is more of a relaxing agent than one which will give you a high. In fact, the first hashish substances were created in chemist shops in Britain during the Victorian age; in today’s refined age it is much safer to use.

To take part in this you need to have some sort of pipe in order to smoke it (the alcohol in which the marijuana is dissolved is, evidently, flammable). Hash oil pipes can be purchased in shops known as bazaars where all sorts of weird and wonderful articles can be found. Online is also a good place to look as pipes can be purchased from all over the globe in a variety of sizes. The hash oil pipe is very much like a test tube with a large bulb at the base in which the oil is poured. Just take care when using it not to tip too far back; you don’t want a mouthful of hot oil!

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