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“Hash Pipe” is the most popular single from the band Weezer’s third album, released in 2001. The official title of the album is Weezer (The Green Album), but most people simply refer to it as the Hash Pipe Album.

The rather harsh lyrics of “Hash Pipe” tell the story of a transsexual prostitute who clings to his hash pipe as a source of comfort in a world of indifferent and cruel johns. The song is notable for its driving guitar melodies. Squeamish about portraying the actual lyrics of the song, music video director Marcos Siega filmed an interesting though irrelevant sequence of sumo wrestlers engaged in wrestling matches while the band sings around them.

Hash Pipe was not without its critics. The song was banned from the UK airwaves because of its matter-of-fact attitude about the drug culture. Other broadcasting stations compromised, showing the name of the song as H***Pipe. One station demanded that the band change the lyrics to “half pipe.” Fans saw through all the artifice, and the song climbed the charts with little trouble. It was even nominated for the Best Rock Video at the 2001 MTV Music Awards.

Today the band Weezer continues to play. The band is composed of four members: Brian Bell, Rivers Cuomo, Scott Shriner, and Patrick Wilson. Since their triumph with the Hash Pipe Album, they have released four other albums: Maladroit (2002), Make Believe (2005), Weezer (2008), and Raditude (2009).

Their official site is www.weezer.com, where they release band news, tour schedules, videos, and information about upcoming albums. The site also offers a store where fans can purchase band merchandise and a forum where fans can discuss their favorite songs.

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