Hash Pipe Styles

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For the recreational smoker there is nothing more relaxing then taking a big puff of their hash pipe and letting the smooth smoke fill them up until that mellow feeling kicks in. There are many different styles of hash pipe depending on how you like to smoke or how much you like to smoke. The pipe can be a symbolic artifact which has the control to make you feel relaxed in itself and having a hash pipe that suits you is one part of the experience that is a must.

Generally the hash pipe is a simple pipe and not a water bong since hash in its oil or solid form is better taken through a small unfiltered pipe. You can make a hash pipe yourself out of just about anything as long as you have a good imagination. There are stores online and physical stores too in some countries which do sell hash pipes but don’t be shocked when you see the sign that the pipes are for smoking tobacco only, because this is the rule that bends the law for sales of these instruments.

You can make a hash pipe out of just anything including simple aluminum foil, hollowed out branches with a cone piece and bamboo is a great way to make a pipe. As long as the instrument is not flammable then you are set to start smoking. A hash screen will help you stop sucking down unburned hash and can also be used to hold up the marijuana which can stop the pipe from getting blocked.

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