Hash Pipe

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The hash pipe is commonly used for smoking hashish which is different kind of smoking instrument from the marijuana pipe however the products still comes from the same plant and extracts. The hashish is the resin form of the marijuana plant where the THC is taken in oil form and condensed into either hash oil or a block of hash. A common hash pipe will have a screen on it to filter the burnt hash from being sucked through the pipe and into your mouth and lungs. When using the hash oil, you can add this to a simple cigarette or you can add it to marijuana such as leaf or buds.

There are so many different styles of hash pipe such as the standard pipes, the smokeless pipe and the infamous water bong. Not all of these instruments are the best way to smoke hash though using the hash screen over your cone piece will make this task a little simpler. There are hundreds of different hash pipes from ceramic pipes, glass pipes, wooden pipes with brass fitting and several other varieties. These all come in different shapes and sizes depending on how you like to smoke your hash.

If you are looking for a hash pipe for the first time it might be best recommended that you purchase something simple and cheap just in case you are not a huge fan of smoking hash. Prices can range from $10, $15, $20 for the basic hash pipes while pipes that are more extravagant may cost into the hundreds. The hash pipe will save you the hassle of having to roll a joint and are a quick and easy fix for your next hash hit.

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