Hash Pipes

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The smoking of hashish predates the arrival of Europeans in North America. The drug has relaxing properties, which is why it has been around since the days when the tribesmen of the Great Lakes to the South Atlantic coast of South America used it.

Over this immense geographic area, many styles of hash pipes were made based on local materials. They range in size from short pipes, like those used today for rich tobacco, with a wide delivery tube, up to immense ceramic and glass hookah-style pipes.

In these pipes, the smoke filters through the length of the narrow tube it traverses to the lungs of the person smoking the hash. These appeal mostly to the hashish user who is also a history aficionado, and who also has a secure, private place readily available for smoking at his or her convenience.

Many pipes of intermediate size and curvature are made of brass or other metal alloys. These do not absorb smoke odors, permitting the maximum freshness of the hashish to reach the smoker every time. There are also glass hashish pipes, which are rapidly gaining popularity.

Nowadays, the small, collapsible pipe made of composite plastic is probably the most popular. It allows for a quick smoke, and easily extinguishes with a cap. Only slightly larger than a computer memory stick, it is portable and will easily fit in any pocket.

Rolling the hashish into the pipes is an art. Only experienced hands can do the rolling expertly. If you are not using pipes, then empty a cigarette of its tobacco contents and fill it with hashish. However, do not forget to remove the cigarette filter, as it is harmful in combination with hashish.

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